Enjoying EDISTO!!!

So much to do and enjoy here on Edisto! This page will give you some info as well as rules and regulations to keep you safe during your visit with us!

Edisto Beach Wheelchairs

Differently abled persons enjoy our beaches by using a wheelchair designed especially for the beach.
The Fire Department maintains beach wheelchairs that enable differently abled persons to go out onto the beach and enjoy the seashore.
Persons borrowing the chair must be able to load it into and out of their vehicle without the Fire Department's assistance.
Call 843-869-2505 ext 217 or come by the fire station to make arrangements.
There is no charge for the use of beach wheelchairs but donations are appreciated so that the wheelchairs can be maintained.
A liability waiver is required.

Beach Access List & Amenities

There are so many access points to the beach here on Edisto (37 to be exact)! Take a look at this chart that gives you all the info to know the best place to go to the beach for you and your family!
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Beach Conditions/Tide Tables

Town of Edisto Beach conditions and tide tables.
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Biking on Edisto

Make sure you are understanding of the best sand safest way to BIKE on Edisto!!!
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Boating on Edisto

Make sure you are understanding of the best sand safest way to BOAT on Edisto!!!
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Fishing on Edisto

Take a look at the rules and regulations for safe and enjoyable fishing here on Edisto!
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